QuitAll Programs


What Does It Do?

QuitAll Programs is a $15.00 shareware program that quits all running programs on your Macintosh.


You will find this very useful if you:

  • Frequently have numerous programs running and want to quit out of most or all of them before running other programs. Normally, you would have to select each program and quit out of each one separately. QuitAll does it with one double-click and a carriage return.
  • Are running many programs in a project and want to quit the project and start another one.
  • Are getting low on memory and need to re-claim available memory by quitting all programs.


What's more, you can create an Exceptions List to tell QuitAll Programs which programs you do NOT want to quit. For example, you may use the Stickies program which keeps sticky notes on your screen; maybe you want to keep your email program running when you run QuitAll Programs.

When you buy the program you will receive free tech support and upgrades
(and that annoying registration reminder will go away).

Download QuitAll Programs 1.22

Does NOT work with OS X

Last Update 8/24/01

Note: Now works with OS 9.1, 9.2 and prior OS versions.
Requires AppleScript 1.6 or later.

Note for Mac OS 9.2.2 users:
Applescript 1.7 is VERY SLOW with QuitAll..
( Applescript 1.7 was first introduced in Mac OS 9.2.2)
Re-install AppleScript 1.6 to get your speed back or wait for AppleScript 1.8 to be released.
You need to replace two files:
AppleScript (in the System extensions folder)
Standard Editions (in the Scripting Additions folder in the System Folder


4 Ways to Register:


1. Use your credit card and register online


2. Send registration info and check or credit card information to:

Rich Love

Carnation software

PO Box 318

Driftwood, TX 78619


3. Fax registration and credit card information to:

Carnation Software

Fax (512) 858-2737


4. Call Carnation Software:

Phone (512) 858-9234


QuitAll Programs

by Rich Love

Version 1.0 released January 22, 1998

Copyright 1998

Carnation Software


All Rights Reserved


QuitAll is a trademark of Carnation Software