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QuickTime Movie Script Broken

April 8th 2010 Update

This problem has been fixed by Apple.

Wednesday, April 7th 2010

Many web sites have not been able to play QuickTime movies during the past few days.
The symptom is that you click to play the movie and the movie window turns black and never plays the movie.

The web pages having this problem are using a link to a script created using QuickTime Pro's "Export for Web" feature. When you create a movie using this method, it uses a script on Apple's web site to detect if you are using an iPhone, iPod Touch, desktop computer or some other device. It then delivers the correct movie size to you when you play it. Works great when it is working. But the script on Apple server has been replaced with a new script that does not work.

The script is here:

If you are a web site developer, here is a temporary fix:

For now you can get around the problem by using the following script in your web page instead:






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