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Say it & Mail it Lite

Free version to be released soon
for iPhone and iPod Touch


November 12th, 2009
Updated November 14, 2009

A free LITE version of 'Say it & Mail it' has been submitted to the iTunes store and should be available in a week or so.

Record and email voice memos using your iPhone or iPod Touch.
Use it to email reminders to yourself or email messages to anyone.

Don’t you wish you could find just one app from among the thousands out there, that works fast, is dead easy to use and actually does everything it claims to?

You just have.

The Lite version will record your voice memo and email it with a few taps. It is quick and easy to use. You can upgrade to the full version any time you choose.

If you are using an iPhone, your message is sent off immediately, thanks to cell towers. iPod Touch devices store the email or memo and send as soon as they are able to make a Wi-Fi connection.

‘Say it & Mail it’ has a wonderful autofill feature to take care of filling in email or email group addresses and subject line for you. No typing, just tapping – once to record (Say it), one more time (Mail it) and then tap Send once you’ve selected the recipient.

You never have to clean up files with ‘Say it & Mail it’, either. The audio files are not stored on your handheld device; you just send and forget about it. Didn’t we tell you that it was easy?

Email sent from ‘Say it & Mail it’ is compatible with all computer operating systems, so there’s never a concern about incompatibility. It has a nice, clean interface and is exactly what it’s suppose to be – a quick, easy, versatile communication app.

The full version of ‘Say it & Mail it’ is an extraordinary communication tool. With ‘Say it & Mail it’, you can record your voice message or memo, attach a Google Map link and photo or movie. All the components of your message are sent together in one easy, complete email.

So, what can you do with ‘Say it & Mail it’? Lots of things!
• Email a voice memo to yourself or others
• Email to groups
• Update your blog via email
• Add content to your podcast
• Recommend a good restaurant, including map and photo
• Document where you took that great photo and when.
• Record scientific notes with map location of findings and photo
• Send product information or newsflashes to clients
• Email great vacation photos, footage, maps and notes
• Let people know where you are when you need help
• Let someone know the location and details of a house for sale

• Document where you park your car in a large lot so you can easily find it again
• A whole lot more!

People from many different professions and walks of life make daily use of ‘Say it & Mail it’. It makes their job and life a lot easier. They can send out specs about a single item that they want to pass along, consult on or promote and can memo themselves information or documentation for a project.
• Marketers
• Realtors
• Reviewers
• Performers
• Shoppers
• House hunters
• Reporters
• Writers
• Students
• Scientists
• Medical professionals
• Legal professionals
• Anyone

All of these people can’t be wrong. We invite you to read what they have to say about us in the reviews, if you’re not sure. You’ll find that it’s true – ‘Say it & Mail it’ is one app that does exactly what it claims to.

Join the crowd and make your life and communications easier. Buy your ‘Say it & Mail it’ app today.


What's missing in the Lite version?

1. Email to Groups
2. Include a picture or movie in your email
3. Include your map location in your email
4. Elapsed time counter
5. Remove 'Say it & Mail it' link from email

More information about the full (non-lite) version is here


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Carnation Software
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