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Macbook Pro with Touch Bar Function Keys
and MacWise

February 4th, 2017

Updated May 28th, 2019
by Rich Love


MacBook Pro with Touch Bar does not have real function keys.
Instead, it displays function keys in the Touch Bar.
By default, the function keys are not displayed in the Touch Bar when you run MacWise.

If you are running MacWise version 19 or later...

How to make the function keys the default Touch Bar display

Select System Preferences from the Apple Menu.
Click on Keyboard
Click on Shortcuts
Select Function Keys from the Sidebar
Click on the Add (+) button
Navigate to the Applications folder and select MacWise

Now, whenever you are using MacWise, the default display on the Touch Bar will be the function keys.


If you are running MacWise 18.0.8 or earlier, you can get around this problem in four ways:

1. Since function keys are displayed at the bottom of the MacWise window, you can click on them with the mouse.

2. If you hold down the Fn key, the function keys will appear temporarily on the Touch Bar if you have the following option set in your Keyboard Preferences...
(You must always press Fn in combination with a Touch Bar fkey)

Select System Preferences from the Apple Menu.

In System Preferences, choose Keyboard.
Then click the Keyboard tab.

Change "Press Fn key to" Show F1,F2,etc. Keys

3. You can use the Option key in combination with number keys for function keys.
For instance Option 1 is Fkey 1

4. Requires MacWise version 15.4 through 18.08.
(not necessary with version 19. See step 5)

Select "Activate Touch Bar on Startup" from the Connection Menu.
Then follow the instructions.

Note: "Activate Touch Bar on Startup" menu item will only be available on Touch Bar MacBooks.

Now, each time you run MacWise, the FKEYS will appear in the Touch Bar and you do not need to hold down the Fn key.

1/15/18 NOTE: If you are running MacOS High Sierra 10.13 or later, you will need to hold down the FN key to see the function keys in the touch bar.




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