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VT220 Fkeys
Using MacWise Terminal Emulation for Mac OS X

Function keys

If you select "Function Key Sets" from the Emulate Menu in MacWise, it will open a Finder window with several sets of keys.

There is a set called "VT220 Fkeys W/Do Key"
Double click on that to load the fkey set.

The set includes all the standard VT220 fkeys including the Help and Do keys.

NOTE: If your function keys will not load, there may be a problem with the file type for the fkey files.
Here are the replacement function key sets if you need them: fkeys.sit

Editing keys

The Find, Insert, Remove and Select keys are included with the function key set mentioned above
(as of May 14, 2011)

Also, if you have an extended keyboard you can use the following Mac keys on the keyboard for editing keys.


Mac Key VT220 Key Fkey Command
Home Find {ES [1~
Help or Option i Insert {ES [2~
Delete Remove {ES [3~
End Select {ES [4~
Page Up Prev Screen {ES [5~
Page Down Next Screen {ES [6~

* There is no Help key on the newer Mac Keyboards and therefore no Insert key for VT220.
However, you can hold the Option key down and press i

MacBook keys

MacBooks do not have keys for Home, End, Page Up, Page Down, Insert and Delete.
Here is how to use those keys on a MacBook:

Home = FN right-arrow
Delete = FN delete
End = FN left-arrow
Page Up = FN up-arrow
Page Down = FN down-arrow
Insert = Option i

Programmable Function Keys

MacWise also allows you to edit function keys within the MacWise program. Just double-click on a fkey at the bottom of the MacWise window to edit a fkey.


Alternate Keypad

You can enable the alternate keypad for VT Emulation (in MacWise Preferences)
This changes the configuration of the 10-key pad on your keyboard for VT100 and VT220 Emulation.
When enabled, the keys are as follows:
The top row of the keypad on the Mac becomes the PF keys...
Clear = / * becomes PF1, PF2, PF3, PF4
NOTE: Alternate Keypad mode can still be enabled by the host computer when
this option is not turned on. This option just forces it to always be on.


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