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MacWise - Macintosh Terminal Emulation - telnet / serial for OS X - Wyse, Viewpoint, VT100, VT220 Program and Document Launcher for Mac OS X
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Search for Solutions to Mac System Errors with your iPhone,iPad or iPod Touch
Finds Mac system error codes and does an advanced Google search for a solution.

Mac error codes at your fingertips.
Look up Mac System Error Codes on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.
When you find the code, select it and use the Google search buttons to launch Safari and search the web for your error code. The search terms are automatically filled in for you. You may find other users and programmers discussing solutions to the error.

Over two thousand codes are included.
This is a great reference tool for users and programmers.

You can also email a link to your search results page.

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For iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

What can it do?

  • Search for over 2000 Macintosh errors
  • Advanced web search for solutions to Mac problems
  • Description of the error
  • Acronym names
  • 119 Categories
  • Over 2000 error codes

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Where are the error numbers on my Mac?

We also have a PC version

Sample Screenshots from Code Sleuth 1.1



    By Rich Love

Carnation Software has been providing Macintosh terminal emulation since 1989. We specialize in terminal emulations for Wyse 50, Wyse 60, Wyse 370, ADDS Viewpoint, Esprit, Televideo 925, DEC VT100. VT220 and Prism - connecting Macs to host computers running systems such as PICK, UNIX, Linux, Windows NT / XP, uniVerse, UniData, GA, Prime, Ultimate, McDonnell Douglas, Xymox, Metropolis, Page Digital and more. Compatible with MacBook, PowerBook, TCP/IP, telnet, ssh secure shell, Ethernet, Open Transport, Serial port, Modem, Appletalk and AppleScript. Multiple sessions and OS X are supported. Our most popular terminal emulation program, MacWise was written specifically for Mac OS X.

Icon Pallet launches programs and documents, and accesses folders with a single click. Stores over 600 programs, files and folders on one pallet on your Mac.

iPhone app, Say it & Mail it records and emails voice messages from your iPhone or iPod Touch to yourself or to others.

iPhone app, Code Sleuth searches for Mac errors with your iPhone or iPod Touch
Finds Mac error codes and searches with Google for solutions

TM Error Logger is a Macintosh Time Machine error reporting program.

Note: Thanks to Andrew Phang at Mustard Seed Creative for the icon and banner artwork for Code Sleuth.

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