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SSH Secure Shell

Using MacWise, MacToPic Plus or SBMac with SSH Secure Shell
on a Network with TCP/IP

Note: MacWise version 10 for OS X has SSH built-in.
If you are running OS 9, the following info applies:

What software do I need?

1. MacWise, MacToPic Plus, or SBMac
2. TCP/IP Control Panel using Open Transport (or MacTCP Control Panel version 2.04 or later for older Macs)
3. A Telnet Tool
4. MacSSH (a free program for making a secure shell connection)


What program do I use on my Mac to make a SSH or SSH2 Connection?


After making the connection with MacSSH, you use MacWise, MacToPic or SBMac with a telnet tool to log into your host.

Note: Please do not contact Carnation Software for SSH support. MacSSH is not a Carnation Software product and is not supported by Carnation Software.

What is Secure Shell (SSH)

It is a method of logging into a unix host with a secure encrypted connection.
Secure Shell, the de facto standard for secure remote access, is currently used by thousands of organizations worldwide, including the U.S. Army, U.S. Navy, Department of Defense, Department of Justice, NASA, and Argonne National Labs for secure remote user login and data transfer using secure passwords and strong encryption for user authentication.

How do I set up MacSSH to work with MacWise, MacToPic or SBMac?

Your host must support SSH2.
You must use port forwarding (tunneling).
Port 22 must be enabled on the host you log into with MacSSH
Port 23 must be enabled on the host you are forwarding the connection to
(but you do not need to open port 23 in your firewall to the internet)
Note: Ports 22 and 23 can be on the same host.

Using the MacSSH program:
Assuming that ports 22 and 23 are on the same host...
Under the Favorites menu, select Edit Favorites.
double click on the Default setting to modify it.
In the General Tab, enter the Host name or IP address and select port 22.
in the Security Tab, enter your User Name and Password for the port 22 connection.
In the SSH2 tab, select Local TCP Port forwarding as Method. Enter the Local Port number as 23, Remote IP address as and the Remote Port Number as 23.
Open the Connection with MacSSH. You should then be able to use your favorite app (MacWise, MacToPic or SBMac) connected on and port 23 with a telnet tool.

More info about port forwarding (tunneling) from the MacSSH faq

How do I automate the connection?

After you get your connection working you can automate the whole process so you can just double click on one icon and it will launch MacSSH, make the connection to the host and launch MacWise and open the connection. In MacWise, select "Open Connection upon Startup" from the CommToolBox menu.
Then use this sample AppleScript:
tell application "MacSSH PPC"
end tell
tell application "MacWise™"
end tell