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MacWise Version 12 History

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Preferences are now stored in the Application Support folder. If you have run a previous version of MacWise, your settings will be copied from the old preferences location to the new one.

Fix - If you opened a second window and saved settings with a Command S, the window size would be incorrect the next time you ran MacWise and the connection would change to serial.



Feature - New preference option, “Allow Delete key to continue to line above in Half Duplex Mode”

Also, Caps Lock On works in half duplex mode now.


Fix - Direct PCL Printing lets you print directly to your Mac printer using PCL commands to set your printer font, size, margins, etc.

For more information



Fix - “Unable to open!RECORDERft.txt" error message during data transfers from host to the Mac.




Fix - VT100 / VT220 scrollback fix when top and bottom margins are set .



Fix - Clear screen for VT100 / VT220 when top and bottom margins are set was clearing the whole screen and should only clear the area within the margines.

Fix - Support ESC c to clear margins




Added 28800 baud to the list of baud rates you can use.

When you have "Do not wait for echo characters" enabled, Mac-To-Host transfers are much faster now. (Edit Menu / Mac-to-Host Transfer Options...)

Fix - Split screen scrolling using top and bottom margins for VT100 / VT220




Feature - Display pictures from the Web using host commands.
More Info...




Fix - Cursor may have been positioned incorrectly if the host sent null characters during absolute addressing escape sequences.

(Does not pertain to VT100 or VT220 emulations)



Feature - Supports the trackpad and scrollwheel mouse for scrolling.



Feature - Now supports Full Screen mode in Lion.

To enter Full Screen mode, click on the icon at the top right of the window, or select "Enter Full Screen" from the Window Menu, or use the keyboard (Control-Command F).

To exit Full Screen mode, click on the icon at the top right of the window, or select "Exit Full Screen" from the Window Menu, or use the keyboard (Control-Command F).

In Full Screen mode, the menu bar disappears and can be made visible by moving the mouse to the top of the screen.

You may notice that the escape key is used in many full screen apps to exit full screen mode. However, the escape key is used for many other functions in MacWise and therefore cannot be used to exit full screen mode.

For more information about full screen apps in Lion, visit Apple's web page

Note: If you are using a MacBook Air or MacBook Pro with a 1280 X 800 screen, the Full Screen mode is very useful because you can use the 24-point font and large window to fill the entire screen including the function keys at the bottom of the screen. You can use a three-finger swipe (left or right) on your trackpad to switch from the MacWise full screen back to the desktop or to other full screen windows. You can also use Control-Left arrow and Control-Right arrow to switch.



Fix - Alternate keypad mode for VT100 / VT220 emulations.



Fix - Minimized windows could appear to open randomly.
(Actually caused by minimizing a window in MacWise, then switching to another app and unhiding that app.) Windows now stay minimized as they should.



Installer fix for Macs running OS X prior to Leopard. Fonts will now be installed correctly on those older systems.



Fix - Problems opening new windows after the last window had been closed.

Fix - Help key on older Mac keyboards should double as an insert key for Viewpoint and Wyse emulation. Sends Esc q to the host.

Fix - Font problem with IBM Set2.
24 point font...
Graphic drawing line for char 180 sholuld be a single-line right drawing character -|
but was using a double right =| instead, which should be char 181.
(was a double horizontal line instead of single line.

NOTE: MacWise version 12 is compatible with Lion



Fix - Picture display problems:
Pictures can be displayed using the following escape sequence
ESC STX iL , filename , col , row , width , height , aspect, border CR

Three problems have been fixed with this version.
1. Clicking the mouse on a picture in the MacWise window would hang the app.
2. If function keys were hidden, the picture would also be hidden until you clicked on it.
3. Resizing the window would make the picture hide.



"Escape c" commands are now supported for drawing boxes and erasing text within a box.
(for Wyse and Viewpoint emulation)

Fix - Pasting text to the host was adding a hex 00 to the end of the pasted text, causing problems for PICK editors. (problem introduced with version 12.2.6)



Fix - Unexecpectedly quit when scrolling more than 40 pages of data.
(cumulative during a session).
Was most likely to happen when you were pasting text to the host or doing a data transfer and scrolling.

Fix - When pasting large amounts of data to the host, data could be shifted over or missing on the screen as it rapidly scrolled by. This did not affect the data that arrived at the host but was distracting to see on screen.



Fix - Displaying Pictures. Picture escape sequence would hang MacWise if not all parameters were in the sequence programmed by the host. Also, spaces after commas would cause no picture display.

Basic program to display a picture "MyPicture" using the original size and aspect ratio at row zero and column zero. (no paramaters are included here for the picture position, size, etc).

002 PRINT ESC:STX:"iL,BootVolume:MyPicture.jpg":CR

Learn how to display a picture and include the parameters



Fix - MacWise version 12.2.8 was creating a folder called Application Support/MacWise in the user library.
It should have been a MacWise folder inside of the Application Support folder.

This folder is used when kermit is installed by the user.



Fix - ANSI graphic characters for SCO ANSI mode when using the ansi terminal type. Instead of ZDDD and other strange characters you will now get graphic line drawing characters for drawing boxes around text.
Note: Your settings for International Characters are important. Also, see this support page for help.

Changed location of kermit to Application Support folder. Also support old location for backwards compatibility.



Fix - Wyse 60 emulation - Fixed a rare problem caused when the host programs Wyse 60 arrow keys. (Wyse 50 emulation did not have this problem)

Symptoms: The following preferences are unrelated to arrow keys but could have changed when you quit and ran MacWise after the host sent ESC Z commands to MacWise when programming custom arrow key values:

Use SLNet Options with Kermit in MacWise Preferences

Half Duplex / Full Duplex Display mode under the Settings Menu

iPhone screen (font size and window size)

FlushOutput Character = Control F in Telnet Settings.

No Inverse Underline option in Video Attribute Options

Print Control Chacters in Printer Setup




Added BBEdit to the list of file types you can save captured text as.
Changed name of “Save Captured Text As...” to “Captured text will be saved as” (Under the Capture Menu".

Changed outdated TeachText to TextEdit.

Fix - pasting text could stop before done if large amounts of text lines were being pasted to the host.



Fix - Modem dialer was not working for fast intel Macs. Was not dialing at all due to timing problem.

Fix - When you hang up a modem connection, it will now turn capture off and clipboard recording off.



Fix - Half duplex mode - problems with textwrap, scrolling, screen refresh and Delete key.
Now compatible with textphone terminals for the deaf using half duplex.



Coming soon to the iTunes Mac Store. (January 6, 2011)



Feature - Allows you to leave the user name blank in the SSH Secure Shell Connection window.
When username is blank, you will be prompted for the user name each time you open a new connection.
(For those who want to log into the same host repeatedly but with different user names)



Fix - Kermit upload timing to get succesful file transfer message from host.



1. Fixed "Invalid Path Name" errors when using host programming with ESC~5~F~MacFileName.
Also, added two new variables to use for MacFileName.

MacFileName can be a complete path or just a file name.
If no path is specified, then the file is saved on the desktop.

If MacFileName is a path, you can use two handy variables to create your path.
These variables allow you to write one host program that works on all Macs regardless of their hard drive name or user name.

The UserDesktop variable sends the file to the desktop.
Or you could use the variable, BootVolume to send the file to the boot drive.

For Example:
MacFileName = "UserDesktop:MyTestFile"
MacFileName = "BootVolume:MyTestFolder:MyTestFile"


NOTE: See the file called "Special Host to Mac Commands" in the Host Sample Programs folder for a list of all special commands supported by MacWise.

2. Added support for ESC [ Pn X for Sco Ansi emulation in VT100 or VT220.
It erases characters at the cursor position plus Pn characters - 1



Feature - Kermit uploads now supported under host control.
Look in the MacWise12 folder for the Kermit Help folder to see how to program the host to receive kermit files from MacWise.

Note: Kermit downloads have been supported since version 10.9.07. Kermit uploads are new in this 12.15 version.



Feature - MacWise now supports direct PCL printing. When PCL commands are included in the print job sent from the host to MacWise, the host can control printer features such as bold text, lines per inch, margins and much more. When this option is enabled in Printer Setup under the FIle Menu, the standard Mac Print dialog box is bypassed and the print job is sent directly to the default printer.

For more information



Fix - When recording to the clipboard, a carriage return was being added to the last line recorded. Removed the last CR.




Fix - Could not select Transparency from the Window Menu.
The problem was introduced in the previous version.



Feature - You can how hit the return key to open a connection to the host. This works similar to Option - O except that the return key will only open a new connection if the current connection is closed.

Feature - When “Connection closed by foreign host.” is received from the host computer, MacWise will now close it's connection to the host.

Fix - Switching from one connection method to another was not closing the current connection. (For instance, previously if you switched from a serial connection to telnet connection in the same window, the large dot would stay in the title as if the new telnet connection was already open but it was really the serial connection that was still open).



MacWise can now display pictures.
The pictures can reside on the Mac or a server.
Windows PC servers are supported for storing pictures also.
Pictures can be placed anywhere on the screen under host control.
They can also be sized and scaled to specific dimensions or can retain their original aspect ratio. Accuterm escape sequences are supported for displaying pictures.

Uploading text files under host control is now also supported.


12.04 (build 2)

Version 12.04 had a debug statement, causing a window to pop up and display the button number every time you clicked on a button.
Oops, much embarrasment.
Debug statement removed.

Fix - Array out of range errors.



Fix - "Use ANSI Colors" mode, colors more accurate now.



Fix - If System Builder was enabled, there was a problem when lassoing text to the clipboard.
If you held the mouse down too long before starting your drag, the coordinates would be sent to the host as if you clicked instead of sending the text to the clipboard.

Feature - Process URL now strips trailing spaces before launching the browser.
For instance, the following command from the host would remove the space at the end.
PRINT CHAR(27):CHAR(2):"< "

Feature - Now you can use Control Option i for insert line and Control Option d to delete line in System Builder mode. Control E toggles insert mode and overwrite mode.
Option Down-Arrow now does a page down.
Option Up-Arrow does a page up.



Feature - Support screen saves and restores for hosts that use HostAccess and Accuterm PC emulation protocols. For more information...

Fix - Function key display was getting blanked out when MacWise was hidden and then unhidden.

Fix - Yellow text on blue background was white instead of yellow. Blue background is now darker.

Fix - Run AppleScript from the Special Menu was attempting to open a random file if you canceled. Now just open the AppleScripts folder at the Finder level and let you double click.

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NOTE: MacWise version 1.0 was originally released January 1, 1996 as a slimmed down version of MacToPic. Over the years, it became a full featured app.
(MacToPic was released in 1989).

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