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MacWise Version 14 History

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Direct PCL Printing - Another linefeed fix.



Fix - Direct PCL Printing - Linefeeds were not working correctly If Pass Control Characters to Printer was enabled in Printer Setup.

"Pass Control Characters to Printer (Direct PCL Printing)" allows the host to send PCL commands when slave printing. PCL commands allow the host to select printing features such as bold text, lines per inch, margins, etc.
This mode bypasses the standard Mac print dialog box and prints directly to the Mac default printer.
For more information, read the document called "Printing direct with PCL".



Fix - Yosemite console warning errors for NSProcessInfo



ESC from host will now terminate HostToMacXfer data transfers.



HostToMacXfer AppleScript example now works to transfer data from the host to the Mac.

Fix - Block Cursor



Fix - Lasso text into clipboard was difficult to see the outline of the lassoed area.
Now easier to see on black background with transparency.
Changed default for white background to be no transparency.
(too much transparency makes the lasso outline disappear).
Note that you can reduce the transparency of the window under the Window Menu.



Fix - Opening a dialog window and then dragging that window could cause the dialog window to disappear if MacWise was in the background.



Fix - Prevent the mouse scrollwheel from scrolling MacWise if it is in the background.
The symptom was that the MacWise screen would clear and it would scroll all the way back to the first page in the scroll buffer. This could happen if you were using another app and accidently scrolled the mouse while it was over the inactive MacWise window.

Tested for compatibility with Yosemite



Fix - FileExists with quotes around the path name.



Fix - Open URL
ESC Char(2) < URL CR



Changed the Default Paste Delay settings for MacWise first time run.
Was zero, which is too fast for some hosts and now is...
1 60th of a second between lines
4 miliseconds between characters.

This matches the settings you get when you click on Reset to Default in the Paste Delay settings under the Edit Menu.
You can change these settings if you wish.



Fix - Copying and pasting from MacWise to another app was not working in Mavericks (just getting a blank screen pasted). Also, with OS 10.5, paste was working but the colors were wrong.

Copying all or part of the screen into the clipboard as a graphic picture is done by holding down the Option key while dragging the mouse accross a section of the screen.
Or when you uncheck "Editable Screen Capture" under the Capture Menu.



Changed the default window size to 18 point font and larger window.

Changed the default for previous page options to not use Page Up and Page Down keys for the scroll bar.



Fix - Hitting the tab key could freeze MacWise if OS X Keyboard shortcut preferences were set to All Controls" with Full Keyboard Access.
The tab key is used by Cisco console users to auto-complete commands.



Support file name paths that are longer than 256 characters when opening documents under host control.



MacWise can open documents on your Mac under host control.

When the host sends ESC STX P script CR
( where script contains FileExists("FilePathToTheDocument")
MacWise will respond with a 1 or 0

This version of MacWise allows the FilePathToTheDocument to work if the host uses quotes or not.

In other words, FilePathToTheDocument or "FilePathToTheDocument" will both work.

If the file exists you can open it with
ESC STX < "FilePathToTheDocument" CR
ESC STX < FilePathToTheDocument CR




Fix - "Keep TCP Connections Alive" updated for Mavericks (under the Special Menu).
Note that when you enter your keep alive minutes, that setting remains active until you reboot your Mac.

Fix - Prevent MacWise minimized windows from popping back up on the screen.



Fix - If multiple windows were open in MacWise and you were moving windows around on the screen, a window could stop responding while you were typing (a rare, intermittent problem)

Fix - If you minimized a window with multiple windows open, and then selected the minimized window from the Window Menu, it would not put a checkmark on the window. It would leave the last active window checked.



Fix - Flashing cursor was almost invisible when you were using a light blue background.



Fix - SCO ANSI for VT100 / VT220
The following keys now work as expected.
Page Up, Page Down, Home and End
Note that you need to disable "Use Page Up and Page Down keys for the Scroll bar"



Fix - Sco Ansi inverse video was not returning to normal video when switching graphics modes.



Added the ability to enable or disable the Option - c keystroke to close the connection.
This is done under host control by sending the following escape sequence to MacWise.
ESC ~ cx (where x = 1 or 0 to enable or disable Option - c)



Mavericks compatibility issues fixed:

Fix - Unexpectedly quits when Mac goes to sleep

Fix - Unexpectedly quits when plugging or unplugging USB headphones.



Fix issues with Mavericks sandbox priveleges.



Compatible with Parallels Access for iPad.
Previous versions of MacWise would display the small status window on the Mac Screen when you exited the Parallels Access app on the iPad. (Even though you had "Hide Status Window" enabled under the Edit Menu.



Kermit options are now processed when the connection to the host opens.
To see the options that are supported, enable kermit under the Connection Menu in MacWise.
Then select Telnet Connection... and click on the Options Help button.
(also works for Secure Shell Connections with Kermit)



Fix -Make sure the serial port count is correct each time you switch to
Modem/Serial in the Connection Menu.
So when you plug in a new device, it will see it instead of having to restart MacWise. (but you must toggle the connection type to make it work)

Added documentation links to the manual for data transfers...
The host computer can control data transfers by using escape sequences recognized by MacWise.
Read the document, "MacWise Special Host-To-Mac Commands here...

Host-To-Mac and Mac-To-Host File Transfers.
These are text file transfer options that were originally designed for PICK host computers.
They also work with Universe and Unidata hosts. Read the file called "PICK Data Transfers" for detailed instructions.
The Mac-To-Host File Transfer is a simple text transfer and could be used with any host.



Feature - Added Paste option to fkeys. You can now use {PA as a command to paste with a function key.

Fix - Escape D was causing screen to scroll when it should not if top and bottom margins are not set in VT100/VT220 modes.



Fix - VT 100 / VT 220 top and bottom margins - Scrolling was not working on a screen that used Esc D to move the cursor down one line when at the bottom margin.



Fix - Prevent dialog windows from scrolling with trackpad. (Only emulation windows should scroll)



Fix - Keyboard keys, Control Shift 6 now sends ascii code decimal 30 to the host instead of sending a 6



Fix - Clear key was not working.
How it is used...

VT100 / VT220 mode uses the Clear key as a PF1 function key when the host enables Alternate Keypad mode (or when the user enables Alternate Keypad for VT Emulation in Preferences.
Sometimes the host uses the Clear key as a num lock key.

Wyse 60 / 370 mode uses the Clear key when the user has selected Use keypad for Wyse 60 edit keys.



Compatible with Mountain Lion
Mountain Lion has a new security feature called Gatekeeper. By default, it prevents you from downloading an application from a developer who does not have a Developer ID registered with Apple.
MacWise version 14 is code signed with the Carnation Software Developer ID and installs effortlessly with the Mountain Lion default GateKeeper security settings.

MacWise version 14 is backwards compatible to Tiger (Mac OS 10.4)
There are now two MacWise version 14 installers. One installer is for the older Tiger operating system. The other is for the newer Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion and Mountain Lion operating systems (OS 10.5 through 10.8).

Fix - Launching a file without a path name was not working with ESC CTRL B < URL CR
It will now use the MacWise folder as it should if no path name is specified.
Also, allows DOS file names with slashes.
Also, supports BootVolume and UserDesktop in path names.Note that you can no longer use Mac file names with a slash in the name.

PRINT CHAR(27):CHAR(2):"<":"MyFilename" (no path is supplied here so the file would need to be in the MacWise folder.

For more information about this command and others, click here


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NOTE: MacWise version 1.0 was originally released January 1, 1996 as a slimmed down version of MacToPic. Over the years, it became a full featured app.
(MacToPic was released in 1989).

Here is the complete History of MacWise