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360 Bridge



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360 Bridge on Lake Austin - Austin, Texas
Panoramic Photo by Rich Love
Print Size: 13" X 36"
34 Megapixel Image
(sizes available up to 8 feet wide. Email for price quote)
Date Taken: July 2003
Location: Capital of Texas Highway, Austin, TX

Print Resolution: 1440 DPI
Printer Ink: Epson UltraChrome rated at 75 years fade resistance
Photoshop Image Resolution: 320 in a 36-inch wide image
(10 overlapped photos in one panoramic shot = very high resolution)
Camera: Nikon Digital D100 (6.1 megapixel camera)
View: 180 degrees

Percy V. Pennybacker Jr. Bridge:
Named after a TXDot Engineer and designed by David McDonald, it was the only bridge design of its kind in the US when it opened on December 3, 1982 to cross Lake Austin.
Its unique features include its Korean made steel, designed to rust to an amber color and its unique structure, which spans Lake Austin without any parts touching the water. It has the longest span of any steel arch bridge in Texas. The clear span is more than 600 feet of the bridge's total 1150 feet on Loop 360 and it supports 40 tons.
In 1984, The Percy Pennybacker bridge was recognized by the Federal Highway Administration for Excellence in Highway Design.
Also called the Capital of Texas Highway Bridge or 360 Bridge.

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