About Austin Panoramas
by Rich Love - Carnation Software

I use a Nikon digital camera (all pictures taken after March 2003 are with the D100 or D5100). The sharpness of the pictures produced from this camera is incredible. For panoramic shots, I mount the camera on a tripod with a custom-built mounting that allows me to take the pictures at precise angles. I pan the camera across the scene taking several pictures, which I then splice
together using Photoshop on a Macintosh computer. For standard-size prints, I use an Epson printer.
The entire process of taking the pictures, splicing them together, correcting color balance and brightness between pictures, and then printing takes approximately 8 hours; the results are quite satisfying.

Print sizes and prices vary: standard sizes are 24" to 44" wide and 8" to 13" high, and are priced at $39.95 to $59.95. Special order large prints can be up to 6' wide or even more; call for price quote.

Rich Love

Pictures prior to March 2003 were taken with a Nikon CoolPix 950 (2 megapixel camera).





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