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Transfer AppleWorks data from Apple IIgs to Macintosh

My first computer was an Apple II. I progressed to an Apple IIgs and then to Mac. But I still have my Woz Signature Apple IIgs and a box full of floppies with games and AppleWorks data.

I wanted a way to transfer all of my AppleWorks data from my IIgs to my Mac.
I searched the web for a solution and tried many things. But nothing let me do what I wanted to do.
The solution I came up with was this and it works very well...

Basically you will be using Proterm on the Apple IIgs to send AppleWorks data files to the Mac via the Printer port to MacWise on the Mac. Since Proterm can read AppleWorks files, it can be used to Print the files. Instead of connecting a printer to the printer port, you will be using MacWise to receive and record the printer output.

1. You will need ProTerm 3.1 on your Apple IIgs. If you do not have it, you will need ADTPro-1.2
ADTPro lets you transfer Apple II disks from the web via your Mac to your Apple IIgs.
You can get it here...

2. Install Proterm 3.1 on the Apple IIgs using ADTPro
(ADTPro will create a ProTerm floppy disk for you on the Apple IIgs.)
ProTerm is now freeware but for some reason it is difficult to find on the web.
I found it here...

3. Run MacWise terminal emulator on your Mac. (You can run any terminal emulator that will record data and use serial ports on your Mac but these instructions are for MacWise)...

By default, MacWise is set to use telnet but you can change it to a serial connection.
You will need a USB to serial adaptor also.

Select Serial/Modem from the Connection Menu in MacWise.
Then select the serial port you will be using from the Settings Menu.

Set MacWise to 9600 baud from the Settings Menu.
and 156 Column screen from the Window Menu.
Connect a Apple Serial cable from the Mac to the Printer port of the IIgs.
Hit return to open the connection.

Run Proterm 3.1 on the Apple IIGS
I have a 3.5 floppy and a 5 1/4 floppy drive so these instructions apply to my setup...

The ProTerm disk is not bootable so boot up a Prodos disk on the 5 1/4 floppy drive.

Insert the ProTerm 3.1 disk into the 3.5 floppy drive

Then from the Basic prompt, type the following commands to run ProTerm.
Then type -PT3.SYSTEM

The first time you run Proterm, it will ask you some setup questions. Tell it to use the Apple IIgs modem port for modem and Apple IIgs Printer port for printer.
When it asks for a modem type, just tell it anything because you will not be using the modem port.

Proterm will run and you will get a modem failure but that is OK. Just select Online (to go offline) and you will go to the Main Menu. Hold down the Apple key to get the Menu at the top of the screen.

Now on the Mac, select New Capture File from the Capture Menu in MacWise and give it a name.

Back in Proterm, Select Print Files from the File Menu using the Apple IIGS mouse and choose the file you want to send.
The text will appear on the MacWise screen and you can record it to your Mac disk.
Select "Capture On" from the Capture Menu to toggle it back off

All of this might sound quite complicated but after you do it once, you will find that it is easy to contunue transferring more Appleworks data files to your Mac.

Rich Love is President and owner of Carnation Software

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