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MacWise Compatibility with 3ivx

Older versions of the 3ivx video codec may cause MacWise to crash.

Specifically, we have found that 3ivx version 5.0.3 crashes the app store version of MacWise when you select "Telnet Connection..." or Secure Shell Connection..." from the Connection Menu in MacWise.

3ivx is installed when you have a Flip Video Camera. That is the most-likely reason that you have 3ivx on your Mac.

MacWise does not use 3ivx but there is evidently some memory collision occuring with the older 3ivx codec.

The fix for crashing problems is to install the latest 3ivx video codec.

Here is the link for the latest 3ivx video codec

Note: 3ivx Technologies is an Australian company not associated with Carnation Software.




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