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Old Orchard Beach Pier



Old Orchard Beach Pier - Old Orchard Beach, Maine
Photo by Rich Love
Print Size: 48" X 24"
9.2 Megapixel Image
(4 feet wide)
Date Taken: October 2008
Location: Old Orchard Beach, Maine

Print Resolution: 1440 DPI
Printer Ink: Epson UltraChrome rated at 75 years fade resistance
Photoshop Image Resolution: 90 in a 48-inch wide image
Camera: Nikon Digital D90 (12.3 megapixel camera)

NOTE: This print is lower resolution than the other panoramas but it looks absolutely beautiful on the wall. It has the appearance of a painting.

The Pier first opened to the public on July 2, 1898, offering entertainment of all types - including concerts, dancing, lectures, and a casino located at the very end of the pier. The 1825 foot structure was built with three pavilions by the Berlin Iron Bridge Company for a cost of $38,000. The Pier has seen many hardships over the years. In November of 1898, the pier and casino were partially damaged by a storm. The Casino was rebuilt in 1899.In August of 1907, a fire destroyed the entrance. Once again, the pier was rebuilt in 1908 only to have one of the pavilions swept away by the great storm of March, 1909. This storm caused extensive damage and the casino was shortened by 1,000 feet from its original length of 1,825 feet. The middle of the century saw the hay-day of the Pier Casino Ballroom, which held as many as 5,000 people. The Ballroom was noted for its moving picture shows and live entertainment, featuring acts such as Frank Sinatra, Xavier Cugat and Benny Goodman. Celebrities and Dignitaries alike made this one of the premier spots to visit on the east coast. Over the years, a series of storms ebbed away at the pier causing the casino to be razed in 1970.......then, the great blizzard of 1978 destroyed what was left of the pier. The Pier, as we know it today, was re-opened in 1980, and houses many fine shops and restaurants.

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